Prof C.K. Gumaste, Prof. S.H. Wandrekar and Prof. V.G. Mhatre started the Academy of Architecture in 1955 as modest initiative to impart professional training in Architecture to aspiring students. It grew to become a Government Aided institutions receiving Grant- in Aid from Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State to conduct Diploma course in Architecture (G.D.Arch.) equivalent to Bachelor of Architecture with an intake of 60 students. Since 1999 Academy of Architecture is affiliated to University of Mumbai & conducts the 5 Years course of Bachelor’s of Architecture (B.Arch.). Since 2009 Academy of Architecture has an Un-Aided section conducting the same course with an intake of 40 students; taking the overall Yearly intake of 100 students.

The Academy never stopped to expand its horizons and kept restructuring its courses to suit the needs of changing times. It is continuously improving the quality of all-round training to mould its students to become efficient professionals, who can accept the challenges of the future. The environment at the Academy itself offers total ongoing learning experience. The students explore and discover new and different aspects of life, as they spend precious five years of their life.

During past fifty eight years, Academy has produced more than 3200 planners, architects, interior designers and landscape architects, who are now practicing and working in India and abroad.

Academy believes that there is a close bond between Nature and Architecture. Like a bud, the student of architecture blooms, blossoming slowly, and in the process, making life beautiful all around.

At the Academy, We try to explore the potential of art and architecture as cultural expression, as a critical medium and ultimately as a form of knowledge. It is not merely an application of technology with visual skills, but of combining the ability to think and perceive logically and creatively.

An awareness of socio- physical context within which we all live is brought in through study of the environment. The curriculum aims to inculcate the sense of responsibility for the environment, deepen perception of its quality and increases the understanding of principles of design. With concept of design as central discipline, and the environment as all encompassing aim, it is achieved by application of aesthetics, technology and management techniques.

Students are made aware of Planning and Civil engineering. They are made aware that they also appeal to the emotions and senses of the people who look at them and use them. Totality of design is a prime consideration, leading to thoughtful planning of building, their interiors as well as the landscape of surrounding exterior spaces. All these aspects are built into the training imparted to students at the Academy as part of their curriculum and extra- curricular activities.


To retain and strengthen our position as one of the foremost and preferred schools of Architecture in India. Set global perspectives & benchmarks; create an environment that upholds excellence to attract and retain the best teachers and experts from all over the world. Build partnerships with select institutions worldwide. Strive to be amongst the top 50 places for Architectural studies globally by 2020.

The Academy of Architecture will equip students with knowledge and skills but also the values to operate them with integrity and a deep sense of service to society. They will engage with confidence in the wide range of endeavors ahead of them- planning, design, environment, construction, project management & finance, heritage conservation & adaptive re-use, education, research etc. They will be able not just to join current practices but also to question and re-invent them for the future.

  • Academy should be seen not just as producer of ‘competent professionals’ but a generator of new ‘Ideas’.
  • To provide wider visibility to the debates and propositions on issues of urbanization, architecture, technology and design that are already happening here through publication and promotion of research initiatives.
  • To provide the best possible education facilities for training students for the careers in Architecture and Design.
  • To provide a creative atmosphere in which studies and research thrive both among the students and the faculty.

Addmission for First Year of B.Arch. Course

Date of Addmission: 11th August 2018

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