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HUDCO UNIT 2012-13

HUDCO UNIT 2012-13 got the first citation in 55th annual NASA convention 2012-13 for their design of 24*7 day and night permanent shelter for urban homeless.The entire work is taken by HUDCO,New delhi to work more on it.Also the entire work has been asked to sent by Dr.amod kumar from st.stefens hospital,tiss hazati, Delhi. and an ngo from Mumbai known as alternative realities is taking the project ahead.Recently the hudco team gave a presentation in TISS (Tata institute of social science) on the issue of homeless in the city.The team is going to give another presentation in BMC front of the committee who is working for this issue.Also the team will be giving presentation front of committee of the Mumbai court who is dealing with this issue of homeless.People from hudco team is going to work more on the project now and later on it will be sent to HUDCO,New Delhi to take it ahead.Team will be participating in an international competition of designing night shelter for the city.Team has been called by different NGOs in Mumbai to give the same presentation in their institute.Mumbai mirror and Indian express has taken the interview of the team recently.

Adarsh Photography Competition

Adarsh Photography and documentation competition presented by GRIHA ( Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment)

A Photography and Documentary Competition open to undergraduate students of architecture, civil/mechanical/electrical/environmental engineering and film-making on the theme Sustainability in Lifestyle.

1st Prize Winner: Kruti.D.Shah

Mind Spark 2013

Mind Spark 2013

It is one of the most famous and prestigious technical events nationwide. Formed by unifying the various emerging fields of modern technology .The competition held at COEP pune.

We attended the green building and epitome competition this year in MIND SPARK 2012

Team for MIND SPARK2012 was Shekoba sanap(5th year), Onkar Sawant(4 th year), Ameya navalakhe(3nd year), Sanjana Purohit, Dahara Parekh (2nd year), Shivali Sanap, Pranay Bhavsar, Dinesh Lohar, AmishShingadia, Rajendra Shitole, Jigisha Parekh

Saint Gobain Scolership

Saint-Gobain Scholarship 2012

Saint-Gobain Scholarship of 1lakh Rs. For completion of the dream project "settlement of settlements". The topic based on the "chavani" in the drought conditions of Maharashtra.

Scholarship Winner: Shekoba Sanap

Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon 2014

Team Shunya, a collaboration of Academy of Architecture and IIT Bombay, is the first Indian team to be selected for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in Versailles France.

Description: The Solar Decathlon is an international competition to promote and demonstrate sustainable construction. Team Shunya is the first India team to be part of such a competition. The final competition would take place in Versailles in June-July 2014. As part of the competition, Team Shunya would be constructing an energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable house while maintaining comfort, security and a high standard of living. Innovations in architecture, engineering, construction and communications would be part of the competition.

More details about the competition can be found at:

Transperance Club House

Transparence 2012-13

Theme: Windows by the lake, designing a club house at Ludhiana. 1st runners-up : Mihir Bhavasar, Shekoba Sanap and Kruti.D.Shah